Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Published review of our book launch

The 'From Somalia, with love' book launch on Friday 13 June was attended by schoolgirls, supporters and members of the children's literature community. Here is a review by one of the attendees:

On Friday 13th June, Louise Ellis -Barrett attended a Somali celebration to mark the publication of Na'ima B Robert's From Somalia With Love She sent us this report:
Bringing teenagers to books is always going to be a challenge but it is one that Na’ima B Robert is happy to tackle. Na’ima has written picturebooks for young children and a novel for adults. ‘From Somalia With Love’ is written for teenagers and in doing this Na’ima has taken on the challenge of sharing the relatively unknown, very rich and often misunderstood Somali culture.

‘From Somalia With Love’ may be entirely fictional but on Friday 13th June, the first day of publication, it had already won a firm following among at least some of its intended audience. In the main hall of the Brady Arts Centre, Tower Hamlets an invited, female only, audience of around 40 people, comprising mainly teenagers, gathered for a cultural event to celebrate the launch of the book and celbrate Somali culture.

It is difficult to find the words to describe the buzz and excitement generated by the anticipation felt by all there but Na’ima’s introduction, reading and question and answer session could have continued all morning! When food and drink called the promise of a dramatisation of one of the scenes from the book by the local Youth Group lured the audience back. This was followed by some examples of traditional Somali dance, music and song that the audience were actively encouraged to participate in. In turn this was followed by the opportunity to meet the author, see some examples of Somali fashion and taste some traditional Somali food! This bought to a close a fascinating morning.

‘From Somalia With Love’ is, I hope, just the first of many books from Na'ima whose mission is to bring a love of books to children everywhere. Visit www.somalialove.com to find out more.

Thanks Na’ima for organising a great morning.


ms.anonymous said...

i'd love to purchase FSWL and From My Sisters' Lips. May I know if it's available in Singapore? Thank you.

ഉമ്പാച്ചി said...

my My Sister in islam,
me an indian muslim here.
read ur blogs and have read ur book
From My Sisters' Lips last year.
i think it has been translated to
our language malayalam, mother toung of kerala, southern cost of india.
me Rafeeq now at dubai,
happy to see you here and ramadan mubarak

Ubah said...


I stumbled upon this blog while looking for books to read on Somalia. I'm a Somali girl who grew up outside of my homeland and I am excited to see a book out there that I can relate to. I find how you developed the idea of the story and everything else you have written about here intriguing. I look forward to reading it. :)

Pablo (yo) said...

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Pablo from Argentina

RandomSomaGirl said...

I wanna read this book so badly...where can I find it? Is it available in Malaysia?